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Statement 1

Statement 1

Posted: Sunday, January 5, 2020

A large number of individuals have contacted elected Town Councillors and officers, seeking clarification over the confusion created by the setting up of a Burry Port Environment Group by Cllrs. John James and Amanda Fox.

This appears to duplicate and compete with the Town Council's Community Forum initiative which was launched recently and well in advance of what the two Councillors have just announced.

For the sake of clarity this is the official Town Council position:

Six forums have been established and are full of members of our community. Everyone who wanted to be involved has been accepted and the doors for new members remain open.

One of the forums focuses on the environment – all aspects of it – and is chaired by Cllr. Bob Walpole (Labour).

All forums, including the one on the local environment, will be working closely with the students of Glan y Mor to ensure that the voice of the young is also heard.

The six forums will be addressing the requirements of the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act and will also work to help establish a 5-year Community Strategy to be co-ordinated by a Community Strategy Board made up of members of our community, local organisations, public agencies and the Town Council.

An annual community plan will be rolled out of the Community Strategy and will be monitored and scrutinised by the Community Partnership Board to make sure that action follows words.

The Town Council is working to a strategy and a thought through plan which engages and empowers our community and nothing should be allowed to get in the way of that.

I hope that this clarifies the position