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Regeneration and Community Engagement Committee

Regeneration and Community Engagement Committee

This is made up of 6 Independent, 4 Labour and 2 Plaid members It meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Its role is to oversee and monitor the Council’s responsibilities to the Wellbeing and Future Generations, Wales Act and to receive reports and recommendations from the Community Forums. It is also responsible for administrating the Council’s Grants and Donations schemes as well as overseeing the work of the Council’s Planning sub-committee. It is also responsible for all flowers and planting in the community.

This Committee has recently merged with and taken on the responsibilties of our old Community Engagement Sub-Committee and taken on its responsibilities which include producing a draft Community Plan for the approval of the Council. To do this it has establish six community forums to focus on specific areas of work which will involve and include members of the community with specific interests/knowledge of the area of work covered by each Forum.

It will also oversee all PR and communications and the objective to develop and maintain community engagement and participation in all the Council’s work.

This committee will also oversee all Council events and manage the Council’s social media activity.