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Mayor Lisa Mitchell's Acceptance of Office and Vote of Thanks

Mayor Lisa Mitchell's Acceptance of Office and Vote of Thanks

Posted: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow councillors for their unanimous vote in my election as Mayor of Pembrey and Burry Port Town Council 2020/2021.  I would also like to thank members of the community for their overwhelming support and kind words.  I am delighted to accept the honour and privilege of representing our beautiful and resilient community. 


We have been faced by many challenges recently as individuals and as a community.  It is of great concern to hear how residents have suffered over recent months from health issues linked to this pandemic; the lack of essential items; job losses and uncertainty for the future; the fear of leaving  home; mental health issues; and the effects of isolation.  However, we are so fortunate to have a community filled with love, empathy and the desire to help others.  In fact in some cases people who have been isolating or instructed to shield have found innovative ways to help others, through raising money or using their skills to benefit others including the NHS.


On a positive note, our environment has been a blessing at this difficult time. When the situation has become challenging, a simple walk along the coastal path, around the harbour or along the canal has cleared many minds, and calmed fears.  This outdoor classroom has allowed families to explore and spend much needed time together.  Something crucial that this pandemic has also highlighted is that we are not above nature and we have a duty in protecting it for future generations.


Great challenges require great effort, and I know that within this community we are blessed to have the resolve to achieve.


Our efforts as a council have been in response to the needs of the community, supporting local organisations and groups to deliver much needed food parcels and other essentials.  It is important that we continue to tune in to current needs through connecting with the community, by encouraging individual voices we have the opportunity to respond positively and make a difference.


I urge you to contact us with any concerns in order that we may improve and support our area in its gradual return to normality.  We all stand on common ground, together we can achieve our mission to protect, support and enhance our community.