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Local Toilets statement

Local Toilets statement

Posted: Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Facilities and Assets committee of the Council considered the proposal from the County Council to provide additional toilets on land that the County may make available, at its meeting on 4th September.

The Town Council considered it important to establish its own Local Toilets strategy and will be establishing a Task and finish group to prepare a strategy document for the Town Council’s consideration. Town Councillors accepted that it is important that they do all that they can to safeguard facilities to residents and tourists.

In the meantime, the Town Council will ask the County Council to approach the Marine Group and examine the possibility that they may be able to provide additional toilets to replace the ones that they took over and are no longer available to the public.

The Town Council feels that there should be a moral obligation on the Marine Group to replace the facility bearing in mind that they were handed the Harbour for free and also taking over the old RNLI building. The Marine Group has stated that they intend to convert the RNLI building into a Bar/Bistro as well as offices so they should not find it too much of a challenge to make Toilet facilities for that venture available to the public. As they are not paying for the asset, putting something back into the community should not be too much to ask for. The Town Council is surprised that this was not made part of the deal when the County Council disposed of the Harbour and the building to the Marine Group.

Cllr. Mike Theodoulou, Chair of the Facilities and Assets Committee said “The Town Council is at an advanced stage of taking over the toilets by the railway station and that demonstrates its commitment to looking after the needs of our community. This of course comes at a cost that the council tax payers have to meet so if there is a way of providing more facilities in a way that saves the local council tax payers money then we have a duty to peruse it.”